About the Site

Launched on July 24, 2020, this Online History of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos grew out of the creator’s desire to contribute a book on the life and work of Don Pedro in English for Boricuas raised in the Diaspora that are English-dominant.

In order to promote accessibility and support learning initiatives, it was decided to first make the story of Don Pedro available, for free, on the internet.

Starting off with twenty one posts covering Don Pedro’s life from his birth up to his imprisonment in 1936 and the Ponce Massacre, the site added new posts over time and now covers the entire span of the revolutionary leader’s life.

While every single aspect of Don Pedro’s life will not be included, the purpose of this website is to provide interested readers with a single reference that goes into more detail about a wider range of his life than can be found anywhere else online.

A serious debt of gratitude is owed to the author Marisa Rosado whose book, Pedro Albizu Campos: Las Llamas de la Aurora- Acercamiento a su Biografía, is monumental in historical importance and the reason this website is able to exist today.

If you are a writer or artist inspired by this project, consider taking the opportunity to create and Contribute original work to be included on this site.

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