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  • ‘Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos’
    A Purpose Connected To History César Andreu Iglesias, one-time President of the Puerto Rican Communist Party and co-founder of the publication Claridad, published an article in El Imparcial on April 24, 1965, three days after the passing of Don Pedro. In it, he provided his own definition of what Don Pedro represented for the nationContinue reading “‘Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos’”
  • The Patriotic Struggle Of Don Pedro
    Unwavering Commitment To The Nation When Mexican philosopher and politician José Vasconcelos visited Puerto Rico in 1926 he was immediately impressed by not only Don Pedro’s intelligence, but also by his absolute commitment to working in defense of the oppressed and his decision to turn down high-paying positions within the U.S. or Puerto Rican government.Continue reading “The Patriotic Struggle Of Don Pedro”
  • Final Months And Funeral
    Becoming A Living Legend When Don Pedro was pardoned by Governor Muñoz Marín on November 15, 1964 he was still in the Presbyterian Hospital. His pardon produced a great reaction throughout Puerto Rico, and many people made their way to the hospital to witness his release from custody. By this point in his life DonContinue reading “Final Months And Funeral”

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