University Experience

It was as a university student that Don Pedro fully emerged as the thinker, speaker, and do-er he eventually became known as.

He excelled in his coursework and education, became politically active, and began to think seriously about what his homeland would need to defend itself as a nation, all while managing to ensure his own livelihood far away from home.

What were the connections he was making? What were some of the initiatives and activities he became involved in?

Studies In New England

Academics In The University Of Vermont And Harvard When Don Pedro entered the University of Vermont in 1912 for its fall semester his major was agricultural engineering. Becoming known among students for wearing a black fedora hat, Don Pedro also became known among teachers and faculty for his unmistakable intellect. This recognition among teachers and…

Solidarity And Spirituality

Support Of Indian And Irish Independence While attending Harvard University, Don Pedro is known for engaging with events and issues relating to Latin America and countries throughout the world, and to have been greatly influenced by the revolutionary movements existing at the time in India and Ireland. Regarding the movement for Indian independence from British…

R.O.T.C. Training At Harvard

Deciding To Receive Military Training During WW1 When the First World War began on July 28, 1914, Don Pedro had recently finished his first year at Harvard. An active participant in student affairs on campus, he was exposed to many debates and discussions on the war held by student organizations, many of which included the…