10 Years Of Exile

Removed from his homeland for 10 years, Don Pedro spent some of this period in a prison located in Atlanta, Georgia. What were the conditions like there, and what can we say about how Don Pedro responded to them?

The last few years of his exile saw Don Pedro in New York City. With his health having been affected in prison, how did Don Pedro recover in New York City?

Atlanta Penitentiary

Life In Atlanta Penitentiary Don Pedro and the seven other convicted nationalists were transferred to Atlanta Penitentiary on June 7, 1937. When they arrived, they were assigned a number that guards and prison officials used to address them from that point on. Don Pedro was ‘51298.’ At the time, the prison housed around 3,000 convicted…

Columbus Hospital

Leaving Atlanta Penitentiary For New York Don Pedro became eligible for parole in 1941. An FBI document details his response: “On November 4, 1941, he was eligible for conditional release but refused to execute the necessary conditional release papers on the grounds that by doing so he would be recognizing the United States Government, and,…