Early Professional Life

Having had a great degree of success in his academic career, Don Pedro could have pursued a number of well-paying professional options in the U.S. but instead chose to return to his native Puerto Rico. This is the period where, in addition to starting a family, Don Pedro began his adult life where he felt it mattered most.

Two main public activities are taking place here: his work as a lawyer, and his work as a political activist. As a lawyer, Don Pedro is acting on his conviction to help the poor and oppressed of Puerto Rico. As a political activist, he is joining political spaces, makes a name for himself as a political writer, and eventually becomes a prominent advocate for Puerto Rico’s sovereignty at home and throughout Latin America.

Adult Life In Puerto Rico

Living A Life With Dignity When Don Pedro left Puerto Rico in 1912 for his university studies, he was a 19-year-old with incredible potential. When Don Pedro returned to Puerto Rico permanently in 1921, he was a full-fledged 28-year-old young adult that had gone through a series of deeply formative experiences over the course ofContinue reading “Adult Life In Puerto Rico”

El Maestro In Latin America

Internationalizing The Nationalist Movement Don Pedro accepted the mission of representing the Nationalist Party in a tour of Latin America on September 6, 1925, and did not depart from Puerto Rico until June 20, 1927. The significance of the undertaking was not lost on Don Pedro, and he was so committed to making the tripContinue reading “El Maestro In Latin America”