Birth and Childhood

The very birth of Don Pedro can be confusing if not carefully understood. What is his actual birthdate? Is it the 12th of September 1891, or is it the 23rd of June 1893? Why are both used in different places, and where does the confusion come from?

Little is known about what Don Pedro’s childhood was like. We have some insight into what the neighborhood and family he was born into was like, but what kind of a kid was he and what were some of the things he liked to do growing up? Also, what do we know about his school experience in Puerto Rico? Has anything been said about what kind of student he was?

The Birth Of Pedro Campos

His Parents The parents of Pedro Albizu Campos are Juliana Campos Campos and Alejandro Albizu y Romero. Both of his parents have significantly different origins that converged in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Juliana was born in 1857 in Ponce’s neighboring town of Juana Díaz where her mother, Ana María, worked as a slave on an haciendaContinue reading “The Birth Of Pedro Campos”

A Childhood In Ponce

Family And Neighborhood Environment The neighborhood in which Don Pedro was born, Barrio Tenerías, was established following the abolition of slavery. His home, not far from the Bucaná river that much of the community used to bathe, was one among many homes built there of wood with straw thatched roofs. The entire neighborhood was withoutContinue reading “A Childhood In Ponce”

Early Success In School

Choosing To Attend School Attending school at the time that Don Pedro was born apparently was not a given for him — under his aunt Rosa’s care, he was not immediately enrolled in school when he was of age. In her monumental biographical book on Don Pedro, historian Marisa Rosado states that he first enteredContinue reading “Early Success In School”