Nationalist Party Leadership, 1947-1954

When Don Pedro returned to Puerto Rico from his 10 year exile his homeland had seen many changes. What was the climate he was returning to and how did he respond? Was his leadership similar to the period between 1930 and 1936?

Very serious events took place in these years, some of which have been downplayed, and some of which could not and cannot be ignored by public record. Did the motivations behind nationalist activity change in this period? What would be the response by colonial authorities?

During this time period Don Pedro also faced the most extreme attack on his personal well-being. What was the response to this attack at the time and what has history said actually happened?

Defying The Rule Of Empire

Return To Puerto Rico’s Revolution Unlike in 1930, when he returned to Puerto Rico from his political tour of Latin America, when Don Pedro returned this time he was welcomed by a gathering of thousands of supporters in one of the largest receptions in Puerto Rican history. After stepping off the SS Kathryn, he spokeContinue reading “Defying The Rule Of Empire”

The Arrest Of A Nation

The Siege Of Don Pedro’s Residence After Don Pedro evaded police in the early morning of October 27, he made his way to the headquarters of the Nationalist Party located at 156 Calle Sol between Calle Cruz and Calle San José in Old San Juan–the building also served as his residence. There he stayed, quietlyContinue reading “The Arrest Of A Nation”

Torture In La Princesa

Political Abuse In The Atomic Age When Don Pedro was in Atlanta Penitentiary, between 1937 and 1943, the health issues resulting from the conditions he faced were severe enough at the time to lead those close to him to believe he would soon die–his experience at La Princesa was significantly worse. In fact, even beforeContinue reading “Torture In La Princesa”