Final Years and Legacy

After years of intense patriotic struggle, Don Pedro reached a point where his circumstances and health no longer allowed him to continue serving in a leadership role. What were his final years like? How was his death received?

Having become such a powerful and internationally recognized symbol of Puerto Rico’s struggle for independence, how has Don Pedro’s life been remembered? What is Don Pedro’s legacy within the Puerto Rican and world community?

Final Prison Term

The Final Imprisonment Of Don Pedro As far as reasons given to the media for revoking Don Pedro’s pardon, El Imparcial published statements given by both Muñoz Marín and the Chief of Police Salvador T. Roig on March 8, 1954. According to Muñoz Marín, the reason was the ordering of the attack on Congress. AccordingContinue reading “Final Prison Term”

Final Months And Funeral

Becoming A Living Legend When Don Pedro was pardoned by Governor Muñoz Marín on November 15, 1964 he was still in the Presbyterian Hospital. His pardon produced a great reaction throughout Puerto Rico, and many people made their way to the hospital to witness his release from custody. By this point in his life DonContinue reading “Final Months And Funeral”

‘Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos’

A Purpose Connected To History César Andreu Iglesias, one-time President of the Puerto Rican Communist Party and co-founder of the publication Claridad, published an article in El Imparcial on April 24, 1965, three days after the passing of Don Pedro. In it, he provided his own definition of what Don Pedro represented for the nationContinue reading “‘Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos’”